Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sydney Lynn Waite

 Connor graduated from Preschool the same day Sydney was born, luckily Daddy was able to make it there for him!
 We think she looks a lot like Connor did as a baby with slightly less hair than he had.
 Connor absolutely loves her and wants to hold her all the time, what a lucky little girl to have to older brothers to watch out for her.
Well I thought I had better document my recent experience before I forget. Wahoo Sydeny is here! It was truly amazing and so different from either of the boys birth stories. I was so happy that I had made it all the way to my scheduled c-section date which was May 21st and my due date was May 28th. Because I wanted to keep my same OBGYN the hospital was going to be at UVRMC in Provo and because I scheduled first for the day at 7:30 we had to be there at 5:30 which meant leaving the house at 4:30 am which meant getting up around 3:30 for me so I could shower before we left. Needless to say we didn't get much sleep the night before or for any night leading up to the date. With Connor and Crew my water had broke in the middle of the night so I was very aware most nights worrying that it would happen again but thankfully it didn't. It all went very smoothly we got there and did all the prep and right around 7:30 there were operating. Sydney was born at 8:01 am and she was 7lbs 2oz and 19" my biggest baby yet! I got to see her for a second and then they had to take her out to clean her up and all that stuff. She then had to go on the c-pat machine for about 40 minutes and then she was all ours. This has been the most stress free baby experience for me and I am so grateful how everything has turned out. After surgery they gave me morphine or some relative to morphine and I had a bad reaction or also likely I got too much because I was so relaxed and couldn't keep my eyes open at all the whole day and I was forgetting to breathe so I had to be on oxygen that whole day. Honestly it was kind of nice just to totally rest and not feel an ounce of pain but it made breastfeeding really hard because I literally couldn't stay awake. Other than that I have been feeling great and recovering really well. Sydney is the cutest little thing and makes the sweetest little girly baby sounds. She rarely cries and mostly sleeps all day long. Connor and Crew are smitten by her and Connor has kissed her so much I think his lips are always attached to her head. I am so blessed to have my parents around to help with her and the boys when I need to just take a nap and not deal with the boys after a night of no sleep. It's strange because I was really nervous because it has been a while since I have had a newborn around but she truly has been so easy, thus far, and I am so grateful for that. Connor was hard because of his reflux and Crew was a whole world of trouble so it has been extremely nice just to enjoy our sweet little girl for the miracle she is and we are so thankful to our father in heaven for her safe arrival and blessing she is in our life.